Freelance Motion Designer & Director

Francis Bièvre

I am a freelance Motion Designer and director in Paris.

Since 2011, I offer my expertise to brands. I combine my artistic and technical abilities, to conceive and create powerful visuals.

I take charge of a project from A to Z, from writing to final rendering, and gather a team of talented people to work with me if necessary, whether it is for a live action shoot, sound design, or motion design.

I am a business Master graduate.  I am self-taught and continuously learn new techniques. I have the honor and pleasure to teach motion design at “les Gobelins”, in Paris.

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After Effects
Un logiciel édité par Maxon

3D Animation Film

With you, I imagine fantastic worlds and unique sets to tell your story in the most impactful way possible, according to your guidelines.

I can take care of the project from its very beginning and surround myself, if necessary, with a talented team (concepts artists, sound designer, voice-over) to carry out your project.

The only limit is the imagination.

Motion Design

Motion Design is the perfect medium to get a message across in a short amount of time, to present your service or product, or just to dress up a screen.

With a friendly pastel look or a techno-futuristic feel, I adapt my work to your needs so that the substance and form come together.

The democratization of 3D offers almost infinite creative possibilities.

With the time and the means, the limits of what we can create today in motion design are pushed back every day.