Space Cleaner

A Corporate Animated Short

After seeing my film “A Space Encounter” in which an extraterrestrial robot meets the Voyager 1 spacecraft, the Elithis company asked me to adapt this story for the inauguration of their positive energy housing tower in Strasbourg.

This is why this film has a character design quite close to the other, and shares some assets with it (including Voyager). But that’s not the only reason: I had barely two weeks in front of me to make this movie! No time to storyboard (or barely) and to have creative validations, it was necessary to dive right into the 3D without the possibility of going back!

The client’s synopsis: a cleaning robot (hello there Wall-E) meets the Voyager probe, that shows him the way to earth, where he will learn new techniques to preserve a planet from pollution and energy waste.

The inauguration being held in front of politicians, investors, but also the general public and classes of schoolchildren, Elithis wanted a film that tells a real story that can as much distract as inform (as far as possible in corporate creation anyways).

Unfortunately, the animation of the characters as well as the direction are a bit lacking, because of a high number of shots done alone over a very short period of time. But given this constraint, I am satisfied with the quality of the renderings and in the end the film works pretty well!

I had a lot of fun working on this project.

Everything (almost)
Francis Bièvre
Sound Designer / Compositeur
Pierre Picot
3D intern
Thomas Lebsir
Screens Motion Design
Paris Rizakis

The two companions head for earth aboard their cleaning ship.

They discover the Elithis Danube Tower. They will bring its blueprint back home.

The life zone of the robots had to be entirely created, in addition to the outside of the ship.

The time constraint imposed a simple design, which makes it easy to read the action.